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Meenakshi Glass and Interiors brings to its customers exclusively designed or made to order interior glass. We are a leading glass and mirror experts who have helped thousands of homes and businesses to enhance their interior spaces with the reflective beauty of glass and mirrors.

From plain glass, bend glass to Glass Flooring and Glass table – MGI offers niche solutions for glass related requirements. With more than 2 decades of experience in supplying glass and mirrors for a variety of purposes, you can count on us for procuring any custom glass shower doors, custom cut glass mirrors, glass shower enclosures, window glasses, mirrors of any sizes, etc.

With a strong brand presence in the market our products are a class apart and add a dash of sophistication to any space. Our team is entirely dedicated to supply customers with segment-leading products for all our customer needs.

Why talk to us?

Partnering with the best has its own perks. When it comes to meeting any glass related requirement we are in par with the best in the industry. We have a classic touch of perfection and an obsession to deliver customers with beautiful glass products that redefine their expectations.

We have the bragging rights. Check out our vast portfolio of amazing glass products. You will find something that meets your needs. If not talk to us. We will find a way out and that, a best one.

Contact us today for any kind of glass and mirror requirement today. We are looking forward to assist you.

Our exclusive range of glass products:

Face mirror
Made of fine polished chrome and bordered with stylish metal frames, this is just the piece of mirror you need in your dressing table.

Plain mirror
A piece of art in the living room, a partition that secures privacy or just one more reflection to glance at while you walk past. We have just what you are looking for.

Sensor mirror
An intuitive tech-enabled mirror that lights up as soon you enter its proximity. Handy product for artists who need to apply makeup in dark dressing rooms, for use in rear view mirrors or even in outdoor light conditions.

Fancy mirrors
Ordinary is too passé, especially in internal décor. That is why we provide our customers with fancy mirrors that are designed to inspire awe at first sight.

3D glass and mirrors
Because entertainment must always be enjoyed at its best. Our range of 3D glasses and mirrors transport you to another reality where fantasy comes alive right in front of your eyes.

Glass doors
Floor to ceiling glass doors that add beauty and even space to your interiors. Made of fine transparent glass with the right amount of translucence that turn your patio, backyard or pool side into a scenic spot.

Glass steps
Step into luxury with style. Glass steps offer your home and its stairs a unique style quotient that is such a rarity.

Glass furniture
Turn your interiors into a place of mesmerizing opulence with glass furniture. Inspire sprawling space like ambiance and a charm that wood, iron or even vintage furniture cannot replicate.

At Meenakshi Glass and Interiors you will find a wide variety of mirrors that serve different purposes. Our prominent products are: