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Backlit Mirror

Backlit mirrors don’t simply reflect, they lighten up any bathroom with enhanced beauty. These mirrors are highly functional, as light is placed precisely where it is needed the most. For users of the bathroom, poor lighting around the mirror and sink area can cause annoyance, and difficulty when trying to get ready in the morning. When you design your space, use a backlit mirror for an added design element, and increased functionality to the room. In smaller bathrooms appropriate lighting can really benefit the look and feel of the room.
when working with Source Direct, you will have the ability to fully customize your order, and design each aspect of your (UL Listed) backlit mirror. Begin with a shape selection from square, rectangle, circle, triangle, and curved samples; add lighting panels directly behind the mirror, or have them flanking each side. Complete the look with your choice of florescent or LED bulbs, and pick any color / brightness.